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1 (As I remember Grandpa Stuckys by Agnes Graber)
Grandma & Grandpa Stucky lived two miles south of Moundridge and were
farmers. There all of their six children were born and grew up. After their
children were grown and married, they moved to Moundridge and their son,
Edward, lived on the home place. Years later, the house, a big two story
house was destroyed by fire. Grandpa Stucky was born in 1846 and died at the
age of 68, leaving grandmother to live by herself until she no longer was able
to keep house. After that she took turns living with her children. She
stayed with each family a month. At the Graber home, the south bedroom was
hers. She was a meek, loving, and hard working person. I remember her
helping us in the kitchen and always helping to wash dishes. She also mended
the boys overalls and other clothing for us. Some remember her going fishing
with them down at the creek. Others remember hearing her praying out loud
before she went to bed at night. She was always interested in our welfare.
In later years, due to hardening of the arteries, she couldn't remember
any more and needed more care. She died in the Hutchinson hospital because
she happened to be at the John P O Graber home at the time. Grandpa and
Grandma Stucky are both buried in the First Menn. Church of Christian
cementary in Moundridge.

Stucky, Jacob C (I194)
2 John P O was the last child born to the Peter O Graber family before
leaving Russia. After settling in South Dakota for his growing up years, he
moved with his parents to Pretty Prairie, Kansas at the age of eighteen. John
enjoyed music and played an instrument in a band when the church did not
approve of such an activity. He attended Bethel College and earned a teaching
degree. He began teaching in a rural school near Moundridge. While in this
area, he met and married Anna Stucky. John and Anna moved to Pretty Prairie
after their marriage where John became a co-partner in a hardware business.
They became parents of five children. Helen, the youngest, died at age seven.
In 1911, he was elected to the State House of Representatives for one term,
during which time he was influencial in bringing the Kansas State Fair to
Hutchinson. In 1913, he opened a furniture business. It was run very
successfully with the help of his sons, Willard and Herbert and grandsons, Tom
and Richard. John P O died at age 81 and Anna three years later at age 79. 
Graber, John P O (I229)
3 According to oral tradition, the father of Solomon Preheim may have been
named either Heinrich or Peter. He was probably born in the Netherlands and
made his living by upholstering or making cabinets. He traveled a great deal
and died on one of his trips away from home. He never became a Mennonite.
Maria Lichty was born with one leg shorter than the other, as was son Karl.
After 25 years of marriage, Maria Lichti Preheim was left a widow with Karl
the youngest, a child of six. She herself died six years later. We don't
know where Karl finished growing up - perhaps with an older brother or sister,
since he was 14 years younger than the other three, Solomon, Peter, & Maria.

Preheim, Heinrich Moses (I5877)
4 Daniel was born in Harvey County, two miles south and 1/4 mile west of
Moundridge. He was the fourth child and second son. He grew to young manhood
on the family farm. He went to school at old District #51, and later attended
Moundridge High School from which he graduated in 1904. He continued his
education at Bethel College for a year, offtimes riding a motorcycle over the
ballast bed of the Missouri Pacific tracks between Moundridge and Newton.
As a young man, Dan spent some time as a grain buyer for the Eagle
Milling Company in Harper, Kansas, and later operated a grain elevator in
Moundridge. He married Anna Stucky on September 11, 1910. The couple made
their home in Moundridge where Dan operated the White Front Cash Store with
his father-in-law for several years.
In 1915, Dan moved his family to Montana and later to Washington State
where he was engaged in farming and ranching for several years. In 1929 the
family returned to Kansas. Dan was engaged in the bulk oil business for a
period, and later worked with his brother, John in the grocery store until his
Anna died in 1967 after 57 years of marriage. For several years
following her death, Dan lived alone. In 1970 he retired to the Memorial Home
where he lived out his remaining years. He survived all the sibling members
of his family by a number of years.
Dan was kind and gentle in his interaction with others, but by
disposition and self-discipline, he became endowed with a self-sufficiency
which bordered upon the stoical. Long ago he had so ordered his life that he
put small importance in material things. He was abstemious in all his
appetites. He was the contemplative observer rather than the active
participant almost to the point of other-world-liness. Yet he loved life and
was exceptionally well informed about the world around him. He was an avid
reader, reading everything that fell into his hands including his children's
and grandchildren's school textbooks. But above all he lived on his own
resources and he encouraged those whom he loved to establish uncompromising
priorities of values by which they in turn might live. However, he respected
their own personalities and dispositions and never imposed his own opinions
upon them. He respected their right to make decisions affecting their own
lives. He rejoiced in their successes, was gentle in reprimand, and never
indulged in reproach upon their failures. He viewed the worl's agonies and
injustices with sorrow and invariably expressed compassion for those who
sluffered misfortune. He accepted the world as he preceived it and was
uncompromising in his faith in God and in the confidence that we live in a
universe that is eventually well-ordered and benificent.
The years took their toll. Dan was never a completely physically robust
man. He suffered many illnesses and injuries. But he had a powerful
constitution and an indomitable will. However, after 91 years and 12 days,
the old body machine was worn out. He died quietly at Mercy Hospital, after a
short illness on July 9, 1975. 
Stucky, Daniel J (I198)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graber, Dean (I181)
6 Dwight Dale was born two miles south of Moundridge, the third son of John
G & Lydia Gering Stucky. He lived in Moundridge all his life with the
exception of two years in the Freeman, SD area. Dwight claimed his first
memory came from the day of his birth, when his brother, Winton, almost
drowned in a rain barrel. He was employed most of his adult life at
J.G.Stucky & Sons, the family grocery store and locker service. He worked
part-time at Bradbury Company in his retirement years.
Dwight was baptized by P.P.Wedel and joined membership of the First Menn.
Church. He served as a very active member in capacities as deacon, Sunday
School teacher, usher, and on various committees. He also sang in the church
choir, men's chorus, and other groups. After attending Bethel College, he
spent four years in CPS and then married Virginia Ann Toevs. His hobbies were
many and included athletics, hunting, fishing, camping, bicycling, traveling,
boating, bowling, golfing and photography. He also had his pilots license.
He especially enjoyed visiting and being with people. He and Virginia were
volunteers at the Senior Center, planning and sponsoring bus tours for twelve
Dwight had a warm good humor, quick wit and splendid sense of fairness.
He was a loving and devoted husband, father, and grandfather, always
interested in his families' activities. 
Stucky, Dwight Dale (I339)
7 His nickname "Tony" was given him by some neighborhood boys who thought Milton was too long a name and began taunting him with Mil-TON and it soon turned into "Tony" and stuck. Family responsibilities began early. By age ten Tony was starting to plow and care for the horses. He enjoyed working in the shop, often firing up the forge. When the family got its first car, Tony remembers driving his parents to the west coast for conference. In 1934, Chris C sold one-half of his oil rights to a driller and the first oil well in the area was drilled on his farm. This had a significient impact on the family. Since these were
depression times, often as many as 30 men would come to the oil field early in the morning and wait half a day hoping to get a chance to work a two-hour
shift for 35 cents an hour. Tony worked several years for Continental Oil, digging burn pits, slush pits, "cellars" and making roads in the oil field. For this he received 75 cents an hour for man and team of horses. His team weighed nearly one ton apiece and together they did all the "teaming" for Continental's 119 wells.
It took six years of courting for Tony to convince Alta Kaufman that she was better off with him than without him. This done, Alta quit the school teaching job she had, and they were married in Sept. in First Menn. Church in Moundridge. After fifty-five years and many fried chickens later, Tony still thinks he got a good bargain. Tony moved his new bride on a farm east of Hesston which his father, Chris had recently purchased. It took some fixing up, which they set about doing immediately. By the time they got their lawn plugged with buffalo grass from the pasture, their three children began arriving - Betty, Jerry, and Jim. The next years were full of slopping the hogs, branding cattle, working the fields and helping out neighbors and family. Tony, Richard and Marlo shared equipment and labor when it came to baling hay, filling silo, working cattle or harvest time. The end of the year was climaxed with "settle-up" night. Along with farming, Tony also built round-tops, and gained a reputation for maintaining Emma township roads.
After Alta quit teaching school and raising a family, she followed her dream of starting a small floral business in her basement called "Country "Gardens. They soon moved it to Hesston where Alta designed flowers and tied bows for 17 years before selling the business.
Tony lost his eye sight several years ago, but continued to help around the farm until two years ago when his lost light and darkness sight. Now he is fairly well confined to the house, but keeps current with records, tapes and news reports he listens to. Tony & Alta both enjoy company and serve as a motel for many friends and family passing through. Alta continues to serve meals for family and guests, usually once a day - twice in summer. She spends a lot of time with her lawn and flower garden. She continues to teach Sunday School class for the 2 and 3 year olds as she has for the last thirty years. 
Graber, Milton "Tony" Curt (I10)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Stucky, Bruce Alan (I370)
9 I love sports, hunting, fishing, and just being out of doors. I live in the country near Moundridge and am employed as a carpenter and machine operator at Bradbury Co.
- Monte D. Stucky, 57, passed away Sunday (May 8, 2016) at his home in Moundridge. He was born March 11, 1959, in Moundridge, the son of Dwight D. and Virginia A. (Toevs) Stucky. Monte is survived by his brother Bruce (Mary Kay) Stucky of Lawrence and his sister Sylvia (Daniel) Verbeck of Platte City, Missouri.
Family will receive friends Thursday (May 12, 2016) from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Moundridge Funeral Home.
Memorial service will be at 11 a.m. Friday (May 13, 2016) at First Mennonite Church in Moundridge.
Memorials may be sent to First Mennonite Church of Christian or Pet Kansas in care of Moundridge Funeral Home. 
Stucky, Monte Dale (I371)
10 I was born in Bethel Hospital in Newton but grew up in Moundridge. My father had a gas station-tire shop on Main Street, so I pretty well grew up on Main Street. I love music, am very moved by it, and have played the organ and piano in church for many years.
As a teen-ager I worked at the Stucky IGA store and that's where my relationship with Dwight began. We were married on my 19th birthday. After raising our family, I have been employed by Memorial Home, having worked as a certified nurse aide, bath aide, book keeper, receptionist, and in the laundry. I've also been a volunteer and mini bus driver for the Moundridge Senior Citizen Center for many years.
My parents were Jacob E and Annabell Mackey Toevs.
My grandfather, David Mackey made the Cherokee Run into Oklahoma and homesteaded his farmland there.
My great grandfather, James Mackey was born in London, England and was a veteran of the Civil War and is buried in the Naional Cemetery near
Leavenworth, Kansas.
My great grandfather (on my father's side), Wilhelm Ewert, directed the founding of the Bruderthal Church near Hillsboro, Ks in the 1800's.

- Virginia A. Stucky, 77, of Moundridge, passed away Friday (March 14, 2008) at Memorial Home in Moundridge.
She was born Sept. 1, 1930, in Newton, the daughter of Jacob E. and Anna B. (Mackey) Toevs.
She was a lifetime Moundridge resident and graduated from Moundridge High School in 1948. She was a former receptionist at Memorial Home and a member of First Mennonite Church of Christian, Moundridge.

She married Dwight D. Stucky on Sept. 1, 1949, in Moundridge. He died Nov. 20, 1988.
She is survived by sons, Bruce A. Stucky of Lawrence and Monte D. Stucky of Moundridge; daughter, Sylvia L. Stucky of Platte City, Mo.; and five grandchildren.
She also was preceded in death by a brother, Ernie Toevs.

Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday at Moundridge Funeral Home, with family present from 6 to 8 p.m.
Graveside service will be at 10:15 a.m. Monday at First Mennonite Church Cemetery in Moundridge, followed by a memorial service at 11 a.m. at the church, with Pastor Phil Waite officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to Memorial Home or First Mennonite Church in care of the funeral home. 
Toews, Virginia Ann (I368)
11 I was the third youngest of a family of nine children and grew up on a farm near Moundridge, KS. In 1939 I was married to Ed Reimer of Goessel, KS.
We started our married life on a farm nearby. In 1963 we left the farm and moved into Goessel. After moving to Goessel, I worked as a nurse aide in the
Goessel Hospital for some years. Then I was employed at the Drapery Factory for 20 years before retiring. Ed was a farmer and later took up auctioneering
and real estate. In 1980 his health started to fail and eventually died in 1988.
We have a family of four children. Joyce has lived in Hesston the past 11 years, working at Hesston Corp/Hay & Forage. In 1988 she married Norwood
Schmucker and he passed away from leukemia after fifteen months of marriage. Her daughters are Lori who has just left Bethel College Admissions to began a
new job in South Bend, IN for Richard, Harrison, Bailey Agency. Sandy is teaching Special Ed in Wichita.
Joan and husband, Dan live rural Newton. Dan works in maintenance for the City of Hesston. Joan works as an office manager in Newton. Their
daughter Tammi lives in Minnesota with her husband Jim. She is a Art Director for Red Wing shoes and Jim is an electrical engineer for Cardiac Pace Makers.
Their son Todd is in concrete construction.
Bob, the oldest son, married Geneva and they have two daughters. Bob works for Bradbury Co. in Moundridge as a Tryout Technician. He is sent all
over the U.S. as a "trouble-shooter". Geneva works as a legal secretary. Brenda is working for the K.U. Athletic Dept and is going to K.U. part-time,
working on her Master's Degree. Crystal will graduate from High School this spring and plans on attending college for a degree in Secondary Education.
Gene and Stephanie make their home in Newton. Gene operates Reimer Flooring and Stephanie is a RN at Hertzler Clinic. Stephanie has two
daughters, Robin and Shannon and Gene has a daughter, Kelly still in school. 
Graber, Ruth Bertha (I27)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hawkins, Jeffrey (I187)
13 Myron G. was the oldest child born to John G & Lydia Gering Stucky. His wife, Dorothy Claassen is the daughter of John G & Marie Ensz Claassen. Their life together is sybolized by a wall hanging made for them by their four childen in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.(see picture). In the center is their wedding date, December 1, 1939. At the 50th anniversary celebration in 1989, they were very fortunate to have all the family present for that special day. Two and a half months later, Myron, after a few hours of hospitalization, died of a massive heart attack.
The top middle and the bottom middle block are depicting the hobbies of Myron who raised mink for more than 50 years. He also loved gardening and fruit raising. The right middle and the left middle are the blocks which depict those activities in which Dorothy spends a good deal of her hours, working in the postal department, and as secretary in their church, the First Menn. Church in Moundridge.
The left top block depicts their oldest son, John and his family. John Gary was born in Newton, Ks and married Edna Vass in 1968 in Zaire, Africa. She was born in Bibanga, Zaire. John was serving in PAX when he met her. They have two children, Brandon Sean born in Olathe, KS and Krystal Fontaine born in Moundridge. The family interests are depicted in their block. The right top block is of Mark Eugene, their second son. He married Donna Thomas in 1969 in Moundridge. They have two children, Alexander McClain
and Alison Nicolle. Mark works as a social welfare worker in Wichita and Donna drives to the Peabody/Burns school district to teach music. Their block depicts their family interests. The right lower block belongs to Michelene, the older of the daughters. She and her husband, Bruce Fast, spent 3 years in Zaire under MCC where their oldest son, Jerel Ren was born. Their other son, Asher Page was born in Denver. Their block depicts their family's keen interest in books. Michelene has just finished schooling for a medical transcript job. The left lower block relates Jeanne, their younger daughter. She married Michael Carey in 1977 in Moundridge. They have a daughter, Morgan Ember, and a son Connor Blaze both born in Phoenix, AZ. Their block depicts the Arizona desert landscape near Phoenix where they lived before moving to Colorado. They are in process of building a house. 
Stucky, Myron Glen (I337)
14 The death of Wallace Stucky on Sept. 23, 1991 marked the end of a family
known for their years of grocery business in Moundridge. J G Stucky opened
the store in 1936. The business started in the building which presently
houses Morlock Shoe Repair. In 1940, he built the building on Cole Street
which is the present location of the Moundridge Food Market. In 1944, after
having added a meat packing business, an addition was built on to the Cole
Street building.
Teamwork was the theme of this business. Each family member was in
charge of the different departments. John G took charge of the overall
management of the store. His wife, Lydia, helped where needed. She
frequently helped with the homemade ice cream which was sold in the store.
Myron was in charge of the meat department, as well as the locker plant with
his brother, Dwight. Local grown beef and pork were bought and processed for
sale in the store until strict inspection laws put an end to this. Winton was
in charge of the produce department. This included driving the truck to
Colorado, Arkansas, and Texas for fresh fruit and melons during season. Along
with helping in the locker plant, Dwight was in charge of the grocery
department. The merchandise was purchased from the Fleming Co. in Hutchinson.
Wallace helped with the grocery department and was in charge of the
maintenance of the refrigeration equipment.
As the custom meat processing business grew, Dwight spent more time with
the locker and Wallace took over the grocery department. Eggs sold in the
store were purchased from local farmers and graded and packaged in the store.
J G Stucky continued in the grocery business until his death in 1963. At
this point, Wallace took over as manager. Then Winton took over the store in
1971 and continued as manager until 1975, when the business was sold. Myron
and Dwight continued to run the locker plant until it was sold on Jan.1, 1983.
Stucky, John G (I200)
15 Waldo married Lucy Rundell and celebrated their 50th anniversay in 1991. Since retiring, Waldo and Lucy have done quite a bit of overseas traveling.
They also need to cover quite a lot of miles just to see their family. Waldo likes to garden and spends quite a bit of time taking care of calls for small electrical jobs.
Their three children are Pat, Bob and Neal. Pat and her husband live in Albuquerque, NM where Lawrence is a veterinarian and Pat teaches nursing. They have one daughter, Lisa, who is married to Craig Schmidt. Lisa works in an abstract and title office and Craig is in construction work.
Bob & Carol have two children and live in Houston, TX. Bob is an engineer with Loral, which contracts with NASA and companies in Japan.
Neal & Jana live near Wash D C and have four boys and two girls. Neal works as an civilian engineer at Fort Belvoir, VA. Jana keeps the household running smoothly.
Waldo died today (March 30, 2004). He was scheduled to move to the care home tomorrow. He had someone working on his house and he told them he was tired and going to lay down a bit. The guy finished an hour later and went to check on Waldo. He was dead. 
Graber, Waldo Eric (I25)
16 Wallace Stucky, youngest son of John G & Lydia Gering Stucky, lived most
of his life in Moundridge. He passed away September 23, 1991.
Wallace spent three and one-half years in CPS at La Pine, OR, and Fort
Collins, CO. He attended Bethel College one year before joining the family
business - J.G.Stucky & Sons I.G.A. store. His later jobs included RV
builder, truck driver, farmer, and most recently, carpenter-mechanic at the
McPherson College Maintenance Dept. In his spare time he enjoyed woodworking
and gardening. Wallace married Violet Krehbiel, eldest child of Ernest M &
Mathilda Krehbiel, at the Eden Menn. Church in June of 1949. They had met
when she was a senior in high school and he was working at Stucky's I.G.A.
Violet has had various jobs including steamstress, file clerk and
packager at Sterling Drug. The past ten years, she has been employed in
various departments at Memorial Home. In her spare time she likes to paint,
play piano, and babysit her grandchildren.
Stucky, Wallace Wayne (I340)
17 Winton Howard was the second son born to Lydia and John G Stucky. He
attended schools in Moundridge and also Omaha Business College in Omaha, NE.
Upon his confession of faith on June 4, 1933, he was baptized by Rev. P.P.
Wedel and received into the First Mennonite Church of Christian. He was an
active member, serving on various boards and committees. He also sang in the
the choir and taught several Sunday School classes.
Winton tells how he learned to swim as a youngster. He and his brother,
Myron, often went home with the C C Graber family from church. One day, the
older boys thought it was time he learned to swim, so they threw him in the
creek and told him to swim out. He did, and enjoyed swimming ever since.
As an avid sports fan, he excelled in baseball. He played for the Kansas
State team and was scouted to play with the St Louis Browns, which are now the
Baltimore Orioles. After tearing a hole in his rotator cuff (shoulder) near
the end of spring training, it bothered him too much to seek a career as a
baseball catcher.
In 1941, Winton accepted the call of his country, choosing to serve in
CPS - Civilian Public Service. His first half of service was at Weaping Water
NE, which he found rather boring. He was then transferred to a forest service
camp known as "North Fork". This was in the mountains of California, about 60
miles north of Fresno, CA. This was also an opportunity to meet his future
wife. Irene and Winton corresponded by letters for nearly a year. After two
months at North Fork, he was transferred to Musula, Montana to train as a
smoke jumper. This was a real challenge and Winton loved every minute of it.
When his training was finished, he was sent to Junction, Oregon where he and
his partner made many jumps. After receiving a very severe back injury in the
fall of 1943, Winton received a medical discharge in Feb. 1944.
Winton and Irene were married November 26, 1943 in Reedley, CA and moved
to Moundridge, KS after his discharge. Here he joined his brothers and father
in the Grocery business. He also managed a store in North Newton for several
years after which he moved his family to Hesston. Here he owned and operated
Stucky's IGA from 1955 to 1971. Irene and the children helped whenever needed.
He was a grocer for 40 years and then when he retired in 1977 - in his senior
years, he developed Polar Ice Co. Winton also enjoyed growing fruit trees. Two
years ago he picked one and the next year 18 apples, 2 large apricots and
pears. He saw just the beginning of the harvest. In 1976, he developed
cancer and battled the problem until July 18, 1991 at the time of his death.
Winton will be remembered for his quiet, calm nature and his great sense
of humor. He was a person who accepted people for who they were, and always
had a special compassion for those who were less fortunate. He especially
found joy in being with his family.
Stucky, Winton Howard (I338)
18 Florine m Stan Eitzen Graber, Hulda (I776)
19 "Hap" was a well known semi-pro baseball pitcher. He pitched a no hit, so run game at the age of forty years in the KS Semi-Pro Tournment. The nickname was a true description of his attitude and outlook on life. Graber, Elbert "Hap" Lane (I1736)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Voth, Lois Arlene (I43)
21 Abraham m Salome Yoder of Lawrence Co. They had 2 children, the youngest six years old, when Salome died. He then married Barbara Byler. They were only married 5-6 years when she died childless. He moved back to Juniata County and married Mary Yoder and had 5 children. In 1869, he bought land in Walker Twp from Thomas Blaum for $5,000. In 1837, Abraham "Speiker" and wife, Mary, sold land to Catherine Sartain for $5,000. He signed his name on legal papers in Juniata Co as "Spiker". He was the last Amish family to leave that county. He moved to Mifflin Co. (SpPs p.79)
- Spicher - Brown Tp, Nov 26, 1891, Abraham Spicher. 
Speicher, Abraham C Jr (I4339)
22 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, LeAnn (I158)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Jefferson Alexius "Alex" (I272)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Janet Therese (I110)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Penner, Mark Eugene (I50)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Voth, Evelyn Ann (I31)
27 Allgyer.Eli, son of Christian and Mary Allgyer, was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., June 7, 1845; died at his home in Urbana, Ohio, Nov. 8, 1926; aged 81 y. 5 m. 1 d. In 1867 he was married to Catherine Yoder near McVeytown, Pa. This union was blessed with 7 children of whom only 3 remain (David, Lydia and Harvey), his wife having preceded him in death 10 years. In 1871 the family moved to Wayne Co., Ohio, and in 1875, they came to Champaign Co., where they spent the remainder of their lives, with the exception of a few years that were spent in Logan Co. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life and never changed his membership to any other congregation. He was a quiet, unassuming hard-working man, as long as his physical strength permitted. His death was due largely to old age. Funeral services were held at his late home in Urbana, Nov. 10, in charge of S. E. Allgyer, West Liberty, O. Burial in Oak Dale Cemetery. Allgyre, Eli (I9248)
28 Alta Hostetler, 99, homemaker, died Saturday (May 29, 2004) at Schowalter Villa. She was born May 21, 1905, to Jacob J. and Lizzie (Troyer) Zimmerman in Harper County. She married Chancy H. Hostetler July 30, 1932, in Harper County. He preceded her in death Aug. 12, 1961.
She was a member of Hesston Mennonite Church. She lived in the Harper area until 1980 when she moved to Schowalter Villa. She taught elementary school for seven years. Survivors include: two sons, Dalton Hostetler of Hesston and Clifton Hostetler of Kansas City, Kan.; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. 
Zimmerman, Alta (I2965)
29 Amanda in PA writes "I am so excited as my family never knew who Anna came from as she seemed to leave everything when she married Ludwig and left. All we ever knew was that Ludwig's first wife died and he went to get Anna, married her and brought her back, that it was an "arranged" marriage. She had a sister who came out to check on her to see if she was settling in okay, she had a brother "Jack" who was a Marshall. ( Kirshman, Ludwig (I13775)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Miller, Anita Diane (I140)
31 Anna C. Stucky, 87, homemaker, died Wednesday (June 2, 2004) at Mercy Hospital in Moundridge. She was born Sept. 9, 1916, to Jonas P. and Nettie (Becker) Loucks in Copeland. They preceded her in death. She married Orlin O. Stucky Aug. 6, 1939, in Newton. He survives of Moundridge. She was a longtime Moundridge area resident. She was a member of First Mennonite Church of Christian in Moundridge.
Other survivors include: a daughter, Phyllis J. Stucky of Moundridge; two brothers, Martin Loucks of Fredonia and Jacob Loucks of Wichita; three sisters, Nora LeCounte of Wichita, Berdie Gouchenour of Whitewater and Edna Mae Steel of Carson City, Nev. She also was preceded in death by: five sisters, infant Elda Loucks, Opal Schowalter, Mable Delk, Dora Landis and Alta Pease; and a brother, Peter B. Loucks. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. today with family greeting friends from 7 to 8 p.m. at Moundridge Funeral Home. Funeral service will be 10 a.m. Saturday at First Mennonite Church of Christian in Moundridge with Pastor Gordon Allaby officiating. Burial will be in First Mennonite Church Cemetery in Moundridge. 
Loucks, Anna Catherine (I211)
32 Anna S. Speicher, 52, of 810 Coffee Run Road, Reedsville, died at 3:15 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 2, 2000, in the emergency room of Lewistown Hospital.
Born March 12, 1947, in Reedsville, she was a daughter of the late Levi and Roda (Hostettler) Yoder. Her husband, Michael A. Speicher, survives. Also surviving are: brothers and sisters, David Yoder and Mrs. Sam (Roda) Hostettler, both of Reedsville, Aaron Yoder, McClure, Levi Yoder, Naginey, Steve Yoder and Mrs. Yonie (Emma) Speicher, both of Milroy, Mrs. Michael (Sarah) Hostettler, Chambersville, and Mrs. Jake (Elizabeth) Zook, Aaronsburg. She was preceded in death by one brother.
She was a member of the Old Order Amish. Private services will be held at the convenience of the family.
Interment will be in Green Lane Amish Cemetery, Brown Township. 
Yoder, Anna S (I14205)
33 Arthur & Amanda lived at various locations in McPherson Co. during the early years of their marriage. It was during this time that three children were born to them, two sons and one daugher, all of whom died in infancy. In 1946 they moved to a farm northeast of Newton where they were engaged in farming until 1973. It was there that their two daughters, Lela Mae and Leona were born. In August 1973 Art and Amanda retired from farming and moved to Newton where they resided until March 1992 when they moved to Kidron Bethel Retirement Village in N Newton. The family numbers eleven. There are six grandchildren. (GeJc p. 94) Goering, Arthur James (I2861)
34 Barbara Allgyer was born Feb. 4, 1822, in Mifflin Co., Pa., where she spent the greater part of her life. In 1874 she moved with her husband, Joseph Allgyer, and family to Wayne Co., Ohio. They moved to Champaign Co., Ohio, in 1875, where she departed this life at the home of her son, S. E. Allgyer, Feb. 3, 1902, at the advanced age of a few hours less than 80 years. In 1901 she visited friends in Pennsylvania four and one-half months, and enjoyed good health until ten days prior to her death, which was caused by pneumonia. She was the mother of seven children, two of whom with her husband preceded her to the heavenly home. She united with the Amish Mennonite church in her early life, and was a consistent member. She was a loving mother and will be greatly missed in her home and by her friends. But we hope our loss will be her eternal gain, as she was perfectly resigned to the Lord's will, and died with a bright hope of immortal glory. Her surviving children were all present at her funeral, which was held at the Oak Grove M. H., Feb. 5th at eleven A. M. Services were conducted by J. J. Warye, Jonas Yoder and David Hostetler, from Rev. 7:16, 17. Interment in the Hooley graveyard. S. (obit HoT, March 15, 1902) Zook, Barbara (I5770)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Goering, Barbara Sue (I170)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graber, Betty June (I2)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Stucky, Beverly Gail (I379)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Reimer, Robert Ray (I151)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graber, Bonnie Fay (I133)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Stucky, Bradford Kent (I378)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Brent Lamar (I3)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Brent Lamar (I187)
43 Carl & Lorene were married Thanksgiving Day. The weather was beautiful but the roads were muddy. The following day we went to the photographer to have our picture taken. That same day I helped clean the dirty floor at the folks' house. The wedding party party the evening before left its mark there. We did not take a honeymoon.
A beautiful memory which cannot be erased is the time our dad took to have devotions before we left our home for the ceremony in church. He read Romans 12 and remarked in German, "Children do this and things will be well with you." The beautiful prayer that followed will be cherished forever.
We were blessed with 4 children of whom we are pround including their families. Our constant prayer for them is that they will be a sincere witness for the Lord and an honor to Him. To date our family numbers 41. (GeJc p. 100)
- Lorene Stucky, 95, passed away Sunday (Feb. 17, 2008) at Memorial Home in Moundridge.
She was born Jan. 30, 1913, in McPherson County to John C. and Adina (Wedel) Goering.

She was a lifetime McPherson County resident.

She married Carl T. Stucky on Nov. 28, 1935, in Moundridge. He died March 24, 1995.

She was a homemaker and a member of Eden Mennonite Church in rural Moundridge.

Survivors include sons, James L. and Benjamin J. Stucky, both of McPherson; daughters, Wanieta M. Penner of McPherson and Diane L. Gering of Ritzville, Wash.; brother, Martin H. Goering of Moundridge; 12 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

She also was preceded in death by brothers, Philip J., Edwin J., Benjamin J., John W. and Arthur J. Goering; sisters, Bertha Kaufman, Lillie Culler and Ellen E. Schrag; one granddaughter; and one great-granddaughter.

Visitation will be from 3 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Moundridge Funeral Home in Moundridge, with family present from 6 to 8 p.m.

Burial will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday at Eden Church Cemetery in rural Moundridge, followed by a memorial service at 11:30 a.m. at Eden Mennonite Church, with Pastors David Stevens and Gail Graber presiding.

Memorial contributions may be made to Memorial Home or Mennonite Central Committee in care of the funeral home. 
Goering, Lorene (Martha) (I3116)
44 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graber, Carolyn (I178)
45 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Carol "Cary" E (I265)
46 Catherine suffered with asthma and had a poor heart. There were times when she could hardly get her breath. One day, at the age of 64, she went to get off of her chair and fell down with an apparent heart attack. Yoder, Catherine "Katie" B (I7790)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Miller, Cheryl Sue (I143)
48 Christian M. 'Kansas' Yoder, b. 15 Jan 1878, married 1949, Mary S. King, b. 28 Apr 1898, Belleville d. 6 Jan 1996, Dau of Samuel Y. King (6 Jan 1870-26 Jun 1957), and Susanna Speicher (30 Jan 1870-25 Jan 1901), Yoder, Christian "Kansas" M (I16465)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hartzler, Claudia Susanne (I275)
50 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Zook, Carolyn Audrey (I239)

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